World Of Warcraft Gamer Arrested For Kidnapping Underage Player

Morgan Douglas Jones was arrested on kidnapping charges when Saddie "Elaine" Julian, just 14 years old, ran away with him on a trip from Boise, Idaho to Franklin County, Washington. That's where Jones was ultimately arrested and Julian was recovered safely. According to police detectives, the two had met in World of Warcraft. Jones is 27 years old and apparently the police get all uptight about you transporting girls half your age across state lines.

An Amber Alert was issued for Julian last week, but authorities caught up with the two alleged WoW fans earlier today. Incidentally, Jones was driving a 2008 Chevy Aveo with the licence plate OMGROFL. It's one of those rare runaway/kidnapping stories we can laugh about! Good times.

href="">Missing Boise teen found safe at Wash. campground [KTVB - thanks, Patient]


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