XBLA This Week: Aces Of The Galaxy And Roogoo

Hooray! It's finally Roogoo time! Announced back in February from SouthPeak, this is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to feature rainbow-pooping teddy bears, and that's all you really need to know about it, aside from the fact that it's a puzzle game involving rotating platforms and falling meteors.

Bears pooping rainbows is joined by Sierra Online's Aces of the Galaxy, which is a classic arcade space shooter with 2 player co-op both online and off, as well as a temporal shift feature that allows you to slow down time in mid-dogfight.

Both games will be available this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft points a pop. If I had to choose one...well, I'd follow my heart, which apparently leads to a teddy bear's digestive system. Gross, but cute.

This week on Arcade: Aces of the Galaxy and RooGoo [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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