Xbox 360 Arcade Console, Just $278 At Big W

360arcade.jpgForget about a $99 PS2! How about an Xbox 360 for $278? Cheapo from CheapOzGamer has let us know that Big W is currently selling the console for this low, low price. Heck, at $278, it's in close competition with the Wii!

Other sweet Big W deals include a 12-month Live kit (headset, 200 MS points) for ~$70 and Battle of the Bands for ~$40. More beyond the link.

Big W Delivers - So much stuff [CheapOzGamer][Pic]


    This deal starts Thursday guys, it's not on yet. Or not as far as I'm aware, I do work their :P. Yeah it starts with the toy sale on Thursday.

    are they the ones with the hdmi?

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