Xbox 360 Doesn't Violate Alcatel Patents

A federal jury has thrown out the third of five lawsuits brought against Microsoft by Alcatel-Lucent SA which alleged that the Xbox 360 violated the company's video coding patent.

The tech company was seeking $AU 435.09 million in damages and Microsoft was counter-suing for $AU 11.94 million.

Last February, a federal jury ordered that Microsoft pay $AU 1.56 billion in damages to the telcom equipment maker for violating two patents related to digital music, specifically MP3 encoding and decoding via Windows Media Player. That award was later overturned, and Alcatel is expected to appeal later this year.

That finding and the most recent finding are part of a larger suite of suits that also involve speech coding and the video coding used in the Xbox 360.

Microsoft didn't infringe on video patent, jury finds [San Diego Tribune]


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