Xbox Live Soul Calibur Sure Looks Like Soul Calibur

It's been almost nine years since I first played the Dreamcast port of Soul Calibur which, at the time, seemed like the pinnacle of fighting game visuals. Another instance of my gaming career where I genuinely thought "This is it. They've done it. It can't possibly get any better". This was, of course, before the engineers at Namco Bandai dedicated man hours and processing power to ass-jiggle physics; before we really knew how detailed a cod piece could be. Anyway, the compressed Soul Calibur for Xbox 360 seems like a fun diversion, but I've still got my Dreamcast hooked up to Input 3 on my television. And Soulcalibur IV is out, like, any day now. Kinda makes the whole thing seem moot.

Soul Calibur Gameplay HD [GameTrailers]


    no online play makes this pointless

    should have been included with the limited edition version of soul caliber IV like tekken 1,2,3 were with tekken 5

    last time i checked my selfbooting dreamcast copy of sc1 worked flawlessly

    another xboxlive arcade failure

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