Yahoo! Japan Polls Interest In Buying Metal Gear Solid 4

For Metal Solid 4, Sony has system seller expectations! Many current PS3 owners are already planning on purchasing MGS4, but Sony is also hoping that the PS3 exclusive will move consoles. No doubt it will, but how many? Obviously, we won't know that until the post-launch retail data comes rolling in, but this Yahoo! Games Metal Gear Solid 4 poll sheds light onto at least how a sample of 625 Japanese gamers feel about the title. This cannot be taken as a blanket barometer for the entire country, but rather, simply results for those who were polled. The above info reads:

As the sale of Metal Gear Solid 4 coming up, are you interested in the game? (Collaboration with Famitsu White Paper Editorial Dept)

Already own the PS3 and plan on purchasing MGS4: 28 percent 173 votes
Plan on purchasing it with PS3: 13 percent 81 votes
Own a PS3, but don't intend on purchasing: 15 percent 89 votes
Interested, but don't plan on purchasing it with a PS3: 46 percent 282 votes

Let's look at the numbers: The results show that 41 percent of those polled have already decided to purchase the game, but 61 percent of those polled do not have plans to pick up the game. However, that not-buying-but-interested 46 percent of those polled certainly could be considered potential customers — for whatever that's worth. That perfect Famitsu review should also help move some copies of the game. And if you add all those numbers up, you'll see that one hundred percent of those polled either own a PS3 or are interested in MGS4 — for whatever that's worth.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Interest Poll [Yahoo! Games Thanks, muu!]


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