Yes, I Can See Everyone Is Wearing Straw Hats

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Crazy busy night, oodles of news broke. Plus, wife started to relapse today and was pretty ill. Tomorrow hopefully she'll be feeling better as there's an open house at the kid's school.

Very embarrassing thing recently! Yesterday was the first school day in June, and Mini Bash's school switched from its spring uniforms to its summer uniforms (complete with a straw hat!). Totally forgot he was supposed to wear the summer outfit, took him to school in his spring one, and all the other kids were in their straw hats and whatnot. Only Mini Bash was still in long sleeves. Not only did the principal come over to my car to explain that summer uniforms started in June (which at that point I could fully gather by myself thankyou), but his teacher even called later that day.

What you missed last night
Itagaki leaving Tecmo, suing Tecmo
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Street Fighter IV moves list
Red PS2 for Japan
Japan getting blue PSP
Meeting Kojima


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