Yes, Super Smash Bros. Brawl Is In The Country

Yes, Super Smash Bros. Brawl Is In The Country

brawlfloor.jpgI realise for anyone with an NTSC disc and a copy of Freeloader, this is not a big deal. Heck, it should’ve come out months ago, so I doubt it’s news to anyone.

Nonetheless, if you had doubts about the June 26 launch date from Nintendo’s local presence, a photo of an OFLC-rated copy of the game on my loungeroom floor (complete with mild gambling references) should be proof enough.


  • I assume you orered it online, then? I ordered it through EB, now I gotta wait 3 more days… *Crys*

  • Super “Mario” Bros. Brawl? Is that a mistake or is it a joke i’m not getting?

    Anyhow, just like Rock band, the long wait has killed my enthusiasm. These long waits seriously shit me to tears. I mean, again with rock band, it’s taken so long that it seems that the new guitar hero will be coming out around the same time. Why would anyone buy rock band when you can wait a little longer (or maybe not even have to wait at all) and get a bad ass guitar, and a drum kit with 5 pressure sensitive, super quite pads?! Damn it, rock band! Why do this to me?! Argh!

    damn, my comments seem to always turn into rock band rants… stupid rock band….

  • Imported Brawl + Homebrew region free = cheaper and earlier. After all this time, Brawl will still cost more when it’s out this week than if you imported it from overseas. Pretty pathetic, glad I hit up Play Asia.

  • I’m just relieved it’s here. The Wii is getting lonely. Seems silly to me that Nintendo EU/AU wouldn’t push for Smash to be sold alongside to JP/US versions – the amount of international hype around its release time was insane, I wish the same could be said now. The move doesn’t exactly scream “business sense”.

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