You Pick The Prince Of Persia Achievement

Want to help develop the next great Prince of Persia title from Ubisoft? Well you can't, but you can influence the game's achievements right now at the PoP web page by casting your vote for the Player's Choice achievement. Choices include achievements for longest grip fall, running distance, or mastering all of the combos in the game.

We want to give you, the fans, the opportunity to make an impact on the next-gen debut of the Prince of Persia series. We've already got a great set of achievements planned for the Xbox 360 version, but we're making room for one more. Vote for your favourite achievement, and we'll add the most popular choice into the game!

Of course this only applies to the Xbox 360 version, but the page does mention something special planned for PS3 fans down the line as well. Xbox 360 fans might be getting a chance to vote, but PS3 fans get a surprise! Face!

Vote for an Achievement [Prince of Persia Official Site]


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