Your PS3 Costs You $250 Each Year

ps3_small_left.jpgDid you know a Playstation 3 can suck up as much as $250 worth of electricity a year? I was aware it liked to drink hard from the teat of mother electron, but this sort of consumption is going to leave a nasty welt.

This news comes to us from Choice magazine, an independent Australian title that tests a wide range of consumer products without advertising or vendor bias. Choice has even gone so far as to recommend consoles be stamped with energy rating stickers, much like those you see on fridges and washing machines.

Choice's tests revealed the humble PC - minus a monitor - had the third-highest consumption levels, with plasma TVs topping the list. Makes you wonder where the Xbox 360 and Wii sit.

Videogame consoles 'need energy ratings' []


    Thanks for the info Kotaku. Now let me go back to playing GTA IV on my PS3.

    In out morning newspaper it said that the 360 was only slightly behind the PS3 in power consumption.

    Wii is probably a lot lower because it doesn't need much power since it is using less powerful hardware.

    Well duh - the PS3 and my plasma produce so much heat that in my shoebox of a room it quickly raise to sauna like temperatures.

    What the industry needs to make is a heat/electricity pump that takes that heat energy and converts it to meaningful electricity, perhaps powering some sort of laser mounted onto your PS3, or at the very least a novelty animal that dances to Rock around the clock.

    In fact this winter I have not needed any heater whatsoever, which more then likely has a resulted in a net electricity reduction.

    noobs ! I have a 60gb ps3 early adaption highest consumption possible ... they actually use different levels of "electrickery" fuck choice magazine and its housewife-inspired content @#$%ing hell.

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