Zero Punctuation On Oblivion

Leave it to Yahtzee to make me feel bad about a game I spent over sixty hours exploring. I could have sworn I had thoroughly enjoyed myself back then, but now I'm not so sure. I suppose this is the double-edged sword of reviewing older titles. The week before last's Painkiller review made me dig out my copy of that game, and now he has me pondering burying Oblivion.

Of course no one has that much power, and I never did complete that last Shivering Isles godhood quest...

Zero Punctuation [The Escapist]


    I sold Oblivion, because I realised that I don't want to spend the first 4 hours killing rats.
    In any game.

    Sud; vanilla Oblivion didn't have you killing rats for the first four hours, it had you killing bandits, animals, and monsters: All of which are balanced according to what level the players character is at so there is never a battle where the odds seemed unsurmountable. It also meant that there wasn't ever any real challenge. Worse then spending four hours killing rats in my opinion.

    So well done, you played 5 minutes of Oblivion and didn't actually learn a damn thing about the game, congratulations.

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