1st Annual Game Makin' Shindig Announces Winners, Existence

shindig.jpgGaming site Eegra has announced the winners of its first "game makin' shindig", defying claims that one can only have game makin' shebangs. There are nine titles in all, each with two reviews, and they're free to download if you'd like to have a play.

The competition is of particular relevance as Conor O'Kane, an Australian, took out first prize and bagged $US 2000 with his bizarre-looking Go Beryllium.

All I can say is, I wish I'd known about the comp! I'd have submitted Wizkill, Zafehouse or Blockshooter. Oh, if you're wondering why there's been a lack of Game A Weeks, I had to take a bit of a break while I direct my arse off.

Press release after the jump.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (July 29, 2008) - Eegra.com, self-proclaimed industry leader in hilarity and radness, announces THE WINNERS of 'The Shindig'!

Eegra launched the 'Ist Annual Game Makin' Shindig' in April 2008.

The Shindig is an independent game creation extravaganza in which talented developers win FABULOUS CASH PRIZES (scraped together from our own shallow indie pockets) simply by sharing their work with the world.

There are 9 sensational entries in the 2008 Shindig. All are available for download NOW (and some will continue to be updated) PLUS there's a massive round-up feature covering all the games.

Congratulations to all of our game-makers!

Take a look at www.eegra.com

See you at the 2nd Annual Eegra Game Makin' Shindig!


    Actually, I'm Irish not Australian but I do live in Melbourne and I like kangaroo steaks so that makes me honorary Aussie!

    Grats on the win Conor! I'll have a crack at your game in a bit.

    Go Beryllium is just awesome sauce.
    I die on the black hole every damn time I manage to squeeze past the first boss, but it's still great. My hands hurt now.

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