40kg Destroy All Humans UFO From Pandemic, Only On eBay!

pandemic_ufo.jpgIf you’ve been chasing a 40kg UFO constructed of steel and flashing lights, look no further than this eBay auction. Pandemic’s moving out of its Brisbane studio, and needs to find a home for this custom-made alien saucer. The starting price is a hefty $1199, though the listing says this is to pay for it to be taken down from the company’s lobby and placed on the back of a truck.

Wondering what you could do with your own Destroy All Humans-themed UFO? Pandemic’s Rob Davis supplied us with the following suggestions:

* Fill it with ice and drink beer out of it
* Children’s Play area (safety not guaranteed)
* Two Words: UFO Jacuzzi

I’d go with #1, but that’s just me. A second shot, taken from underneath, can be found after the jump.pandemic_ufo_2.jpgUFO – Flying Saucer From “Destroy All Humans” [eBay, thanks Rob!]


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