80GB PS3 To Hit ‘All PAL Territories’ On August 27

80GB PS3 To Hit ‘All PAL Territories’ On August 27

Chatting at a secret Europeans-only gig in Santa Monica, SCEE boss David Reeves has announced that the 80GB PlayStation 3 - unveiled at Sony's E3 address yesterday - will be released simultaneously "across all PAL territories" on August 27. It'll be priced at £299/€400, and as in the US, it'll be straight-up replacing the 40GB unit (which Reeves says is almost out of stock, and will not be seeing a temporary price cut).

E3 08: 80GB PS3 coming to Europe [MCV]


  • Sony really has played the worst marketing game of all time. The Yankee released NTSC PS3 versions always pack more features than the Australian counterparts. Why is it that Sony has such a mixed bag of PS3 models? Why don’t all of them have PS2 compatability, 4 usb ports and flash cards. Why the ‘runnout’ of the PS3 60gig? You’ve lost me Sony! Got to give X Box a second look now.

  • Wow! An 80gb ps3 I was actually happy that I wouldn’t have to get a pathetic 40gb model (considering how much space games need these days). But then I find out that they will stip it off its backwards compatability..but give it to NTSC region PS3’s.

    It seems incredibly unfair that they can give so much to the American market but fail (so miserably) at helping out PAL owners.

    Sony find it SO difficult to add something such as backwards compatability. It doesn’t matter that XBOX seem to do it fine with a little software emulation and the Wii can do it too!

    -This is not a hate rant directed at NTSC PS3 owners/Asian PS3 owners.Simply another angry PAL owner-

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