Activision Blizzard Merger Finalised

When yesterday over 92 percent Activision shareholders gave their thumbs-up to the company's pending merger with Vivendi, it was pretty much a done deal, and today Activision Blizzard is official.

Board chairman Rene Penisson said he's "delighted that the merger is completed", and that the new company is "determined to 'think big!'"

The merger was first announced in December of 2007. Through it, Blizzard and Sierra parent Vivendi becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision, scoring 295.3 new shares of Activision stock. It'll also buy 62.9 million new shares for a total of $US 1.7 billion - the result is that Vivendi owns a stake of about 52 percent in its new parent company.

Announcement follows the jump.


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