Activision Boss Wants Cheaper Consoles

Activision honcho Bobby Kotick is worried. Very worried. Video game consoles are expensive! And to buy them, you need money. Lots. As Kotick points out:

It used to be the case that we did well during slowdowns because if you couldn't afford to go to the movies or to travel to a theme park, you stayed home and played a computer game. But now I think that the hardware manufacturers are going to have to think about reducing their prices because the cost of purchasing some of this stuff is prohibitive.

I dunno, as a kid, I kinda always remember video game consoles being expensive. But hey, that's because I was like a little kid and little kids have no money. But I'm an adult now, and it's all relative, Bobby Kotick! Speaking of adults, Bobby also pointed out that the adult geared games are as important to the industry as R-rated movies. That's echoing similar things Kotick stated earlier. This leas us to believe that yes he will probably say the same thing again.

Guitar Hero firm Activision [Times Online via MCVUK]


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