Alpha Protocol Filled With Sexy Spy Sex

Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol isn't just similar to BioWare's Mass Effect in terms of interface, font, design, gameplay, and graphics - it's also got a sexy side. Agent Michael Thorton will have a bevy of ladies at his disposal throughout his mission, and depending on how he treats them he could very well get lucky with some, if not all the lovely ladies.

"It all depends on how you treat them," Rucinski said. If you have a strong relationship with female characters, they may help with missions. However, he told me that some of them are "bats-t insane" and can get you into trouble. "One may ask you to assassinate a high-level person," he added. "Maybe that's not something you want to do, but she's really hot. But there are obvious repercussions."

See? These are the sorts of decisions guys named Michael have to deal with every day. We don't want to kill, but the ladies are so hot! Alpha Protocol will let players get busy with women via Mass Effect style cutscenes, with achievements for being a total manslut as well as just saying no repeatedly. Achievements for having sex? Fox is going to have a field day.
'Alpha Protocol' Will Have Plenty Of Sex Scenes, 'Ladies' Man' Achievement [MTV Multiplayer]



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