Amazon Shows Star Wars Battlefront III Coming To Everything Under The Sun In 2009

Retailer Amazon has listed tentative dates and platforms for Star Wars Battlefront III, long rumoured to be in development at Free Radical, developers of Haze and Timesplitters. While we've been under the impression that the UK based dev was hard at work we didn't know how hard at work they are. According to Amazon, Battlefront III is coming to everything — Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DS, PSP, PlayStation 2. OK, not everything, since it doesn't list a PC version, but if these listings are accurate, anyone and everyone will have access to a version of the game come March 2009. We await more news at E3 next week.

Star Wars Battlefront III [Amazon via GoNintendo]


    why cant it come out any earlyer if it can pleas let it

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