Analyst: Wii Might Not Be A Fad

DFC Intelligence has a theory. David Cole, analyst at the firm, says that the Wii "does not appear to be a fad and it has the chance to be one of the best selling systems of all-time" according to new report. You hear that, naysayers and Wii jokesters? Not a fad! While DFC places Nintendo's waggle-box at the top of the heap this generation, it also has good, long-term news for Sony, writing that PlayStation 3 annual software sales will match that of the Wii by 2012.

The market research and analysis firm was concerned about the Wii's fad chance way back in 2006, warning of a risk "that consumers have fun with the Wii controller for a few months, but the fad passes and they move back to their tried-and-true game play methods on a competing system". In DFC's defence, it stressed that this was cause for concern if the console was "defined mainly by its controller", which it isn't. There's also Wii Fit.

DFC Intelligence Forecasts Video Game Market to Reach $US 57 Billion in 2009 [DFC Intelligence]


    Wow! After two years with enormous sales figures the first analyst recognize that the Wii ist not a fad ... respect ...

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