Animal Boxing Lets You Punch A Cat Right In The Face

As a cat owner, there are many times throughout the day that I really feel like kicking my pets across the room to see what sort of an imprint they leave on the opposite wall, but sticky with blood counteracts fluffy and huggable, making the action counter-productive. Luckily for me there's Animal Boxing for the Nintendo DS, a new game from Spanish developer Gammick Entertainment, slated for a 4th quarter 2008 release. The game has your own personalised fighter going up against up to 50 different animal characters. Cats, foxes, penguins, and rhinos are all available for you to take your frustration out, using a gameplay mechanic that has you turning around your DS so your opponents' torsos and heads are displayed on the touchscreen...or just keep it turned the right way and battle animals that are standing on their heads. Your choice. PETA is going to adore this one.


    Is it any wonder that animal cruelty is up a third this year in the UK with pathetic products like this about? Very very sad...

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