Atlus Announces Luminous Arc 2 For North America

In some news that will provoke squee-ing from fans of Japanese strategy RPGs, Atlus announced it's bringing Luminous Arc 2 on DS over to North America.

Atlus says the second installment features a "more refined" interface, rebalanced strategy features, touch-based play and "many more improvements". I never played the original Luminous Arc - did it need improving?

Also, every copy of the game comes packaged with a soundtrack CD, together in a "lovely" big ol' box. Yay for extras!

IGN got the exclusive reveal - screens over there.
Luminous Arc 2 Coming to America [IGN]


    The original Luminous Arc featured Hirano Aya (better known for her anime roles as Suzumiya Haruhi and Konota) as the voice of Lucia, along with a number of other top level voice actors. If they're going to localize this sequal, they should at least let us have an option to use the Japanese voices, instead of the monotone dub actors we got stiffed with.

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