Australian Rock Band Pricing "Completely Wrong"?

That Rock Band pricing info for Australia that was posted earlier? Harmonix is saying it's not quite right. A developer on the Rock Band forums offered this in response to the story:

For the record, this article is completely wrong. I don't know where the information came from but it certainly wasn't from us at Harmonix.

When we have accurate and reliable information on an AUS launch of RB (pricing, dates, etc) we'll post it here for you. Until you get word from us here on this site, it's probably safe to assume that anything else is speculation or rumour.

While this would appear absolute, there's always a disconnect between dev and publisher. I've recently received scattered reports myself from sources in retail pointing to a release in October (though no pricing details). So, until EA says "no" too, we'll be keeping the case open.

AU/NZ/Cake International Discussion Thread [Rock Band forums, thanks Alex]


    Of course Harmonix are going to say that, they just got caned on every Aus gaming related site about the inflated pricing.

    EA will do the usual 'no comment' yet you can be safe in knowing that Rockband will be atleast $300+ AUD when it launches, there is no way around it. They know its an easy win, in terms of profit margin .

    Considering that it roughly lines up with the European pricing and that Harmonix haven't got a track record of being very honest to their potential PAL customers, I won't believe a word they say until it's official.

    You know, it IS possible to buy real musical instruments for this price?
    Anyway, is anyone going to fork out for a game that is priced higher/worth more than the console that its played on. EA are so fucking arrogant.

    fuck that! im gonna wait for rock band 2 (or order from overseas) and avoid the old, buggy instruments from the first installment.
    yes i realise we will have waited over a year for rock band 1 meaning it could take even longer for rock band 2, but fuck! did EA intentionally choose to dick australia around or what?

    I work at EB Games and these prices are the same as the ones given to us for preorders.
    Pretty mad rip off i just got a mad REAL guitar for $100 time to learn the real thing.

    Yes, it's become quite clear Harmonix has no idea what's going on. Not that it's stop it from talking...

    it was hard for me to believe that there was actually information about RB in the computer at works (i work for EB Games in sydney) i almost felt the need to take a photo just in case i was imagining it...

    at this stage, the only way harmonix/EA is getting money out of me for RB, is if the GH:WT instruments work with RB & RB2...

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