Bastard Thieves Steal PS3 From Disabled Teenager

Australian teenager Zak Touilii suffers from duchenne muscular dystrophy, a disease that's left him confined to a wheelchair for most of his life. When presented with the opportunity to request something from the Make a Wish Foundation, Zak opted for a PlayStation 3, which the charity donated to him along with a bunch of games. Sadly, thieves broke into his home last week and made off with some of the family's valuables, including jewellery, appliances and, yes, Zak's PS3, along with all his games. So, so low.

Thugs steal disabled boy's PlayStation 3 [Daily Telegraph]


    Fifty bucks inbound to that Chipin account Darthwind.

    How are we going with this? I hope if we don't reach the target, the money that has been donated so far can still be put to good use by them...

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