Behold, The Fable 2 Collector's Edition

Being a high-profile, first-party Microsoft title, you already knew this was coming. Gotsta make the most of that cashed-up, loyal fanbase! But you didn't know what, specifically, was in the Fable 2 collector's edition. Now you do! For $US 80, you'll get a Hobbe figure, making-of documentary, "additional in-game content" and a trial Live account. As with the standard edition, it'll also ship with the bonus XBLA "pub games" on the disc as well.


    Seeing how i bought all 3 releases of the original fable (original + LC on pc & xbox) and seeing how i loved them so much, im buying this game, in the younger days of video games a collectors edition was the only copy of the game you could buy, but using that as an excuse to ramp up the price now seems like they're insulting me, i remember a time when big posters included in the game boxes were the standard (RIP SNES)

    I'm just going to buy standard edition, i loved the original but im not throwing 120 dollars down the drain for a CE.

    (bet they try for 125, this being Australia and all [seriously, if there is a country that pays more than Australia for video games i'd LOVE to know] standard price is $100 for a new title)

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