Blizzard: Microsoft Could Do More To Support PC Gaming

Speaking to Gamasutra recently, Blizzard COO Paul Sams said that he'd like to see Microsoft focus their gaming business a bit more on Windows, though he said he understood the depth of the company's investment in the Xbox 360.

"And I kind of look at it and say to myself, and I think similarly to Rob, is that it would be great if they put more emphasis on the Windows operating system, certainly probably the most prominent operating system in the world. Even more so than console boxes.

And they own and operate that system, so having them put more energy and effort against it - and they would say that they are, but I think that there's more that can be done.

Sams told Gamasutra it makes sense to him that Microsoft is currently putting so much energy on the console, as it's their "gaming bread and butter".
Blizzard's Sams: Microsoft Should Put More Emphasis On PC Gaming [Gamasutra]


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