Bungie Game Reveal Blocked By Publisher

There's been all kinds of stuff going on over at Bungie this week. Talk of new game announcements, of plumbers, of Master Chief-less Halo games. Today, the madness continues, with a letter posted on the front page of the developer's website. Signed by Harold Ryan, Bungie's president, it says that the team were planning on revealing a new game at E3 this week, but their "plans were just changed by our publisher", so they won't be showing anything. Bummer.


    Wtf...that sucks!!!
    I was really looking forward to find out what they were doing. Damn, is microsoft still bungie's publisher? That is messed up. Well, maybe Bungie's game isn't going to come this year and Microsoft didn't want them to take away the excitement from Gears 2. Yeah, that's why Gears 2 information was being given before e3; because after e3, everyone would be talking about Bungie's game. Well, I hope that's the truth, because if it is, that means that Bungie's next game is going to be awesome. Expect a Bungie announcement after the Gears 2 launch in November.

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