Can a Game Be a Tearjerker?

Reddit turned up an absolutely depressing thread in a forum the other day. Wasn't really worth a post unto itself, but I thought it'd be a good conversation starter because man, I don't think I have encountered anything like this:

My saddest gaming experience was while playing Creatures, that experimental game where you had to take care of creatures equipped with a neural network which made them able to learn things.

One of my creatures got pregnant but was also very sick. Her health stats were dropping and I was hoping she would be able to lay her egg in time. She only had 3% life over when she finally did. Afterwards, she laid down next to the egg, closed her eyes, and died. Minutes later, the egg hatched, and a cute little creature came out. His mother's body still laid there. He crawled around it, uttering the same sounds the whole time. He then crept up against her and went to sleep.

I stopped playing the game then.

So, short of game adaptations for Bambi, Brian's Song, Field of Dreams or Terms of Endearment, can a game be a tearjerker? I know colleagues (*cough cough Leigh Alexander) who were extremely emotional after finishing Metal Gear Solid 4. Is such emotion a worthy goal of a product engineered to be fun? What games have made you cry? Any? Tell us, dammit, while I ... sniff ... wipe the dust out of my eyes here.


    So many games have actually made me cry. D: But that's okay, since I'm a gurl. :B It's forgivable then, apparently. XD;

    Out of the most recent ones I've played (There have been a lot more, but I can't think clearly at the moment. DX) would have to be... Half-Life 2 Episode 2's ending... (I couldn't sleep that night... ;~~~;) *Sniff*...

    And... As childish as it sounds... The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. D8 Especially the second one! ;~;
    So many surprisingly emotional scenes in that one... >>>>:
    *Sniffles* ;~;

    And... As childish as it sounds... The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. D8 Especially the second one!
    So many surprisingly emotional scenes in that one...
    *Sniffles* ;~;

    The scene that got me emotional (but not sad) was in FF X2 - the song "One Thousand Words". It is a great song and the cut scene really connects Yuna & Lenne's lives and loves together properly for the first time in the game. This is a case where I think the English version is better than the Japanese since they do a real duet instead of the two person solo in the Japanese version.

    MGS4 end sequence. Incredibly epic in every way, made me tear up a bit.

    When Alys dies in Phantasy Star IV. Also, as I stated in the post that started that GDNet thread, when I put the gnome in the rocket in HL2 Ep2, I almost cried. Still, that was nothing compared to Eli's death. That made me sad and enraged.

    Would have to be MGS3 and MGS4. Played MGS3 Several days ago and still very depressed from it and crying every so often. *sob*
    Then MGS4 made it even worse.

    I cried a little when I got Leisure Suit Larry laid for the very first time.

    Another vote for the end of Crisis Core.

    "Do you think I became a hero?"

    Heart strungs. tugged.

    @ those talking about Shadow in FF6:

    I thought he only died if you didn't wait for him?

    From recent memory, it's go to be Portal... good times they was. Umm... another one would be the beginning of GTAIV -- waited so long for that game. And the ending of Ocarina of Time is another one.

    Klonoa: The Door to Phantomile was very upsetting at the time. I remember that was the most memorable ending for me until Majora's Mask came along.

    But, then those same sad feelings cropped up again in Twilight Princess when she said something about not seeing Link again.

    Silly, I thought to myself, I'll just go through the mirror...

    But then she smashed it. With her tears.
    And I cried.
    Then Lisa cried.
    Then Maggie laughed. She's such a little trooper.

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