Can You Possibly Handle Three Fallout 3 Clips?

Well, you're going to have to. Of the three, two are "trailers" in the sense that they're mostly there to set the tone, while the third is not. That third is a live gameplay demonstration. Meaning you get to see somebody playing Fallout 3. Meaning you get to see, amongst other things, the combat system in action, with a human controlling it. Above you'll find the game's "teaser", while after the jump, the gameplay demo and a downright charming live-action trailer.


    Was a bit underwhelmed by the gameplay and animation to be honest.. But I have faith in Bethesda and it's still too early to be making big claims about how the final product will turn out.

    The VATS targeting system looks really interesting but seems like it kinda 'jilts' the action and could possibly leave you a bit disorientated / vulnerable in some situations. Like when he's getting the crap shot out of him (even while it's still in cinema mode) after unloading a missile at that drone. I guess that could be considered a strategic disadvantage to stopping out in the open to take aimed shots though.

    One thing I haven't really seen commented on is the amazing construction set which Bethesda will no doubt release for this game. Oblivion still has an active mod community; with some mods changing the game in ways that you wouldn't have thought possible when it first launched. Who knows, maybe someone will work out how to make something a little more similar to the previous Fallout games with it. Sounds like there'd be some serious pant wetting if that occured!

    While this vid wasn't exactly what I was expecting, there's still a lot of time till it's released and it only shows a tiny fragment of the game. I can't wait to see more.

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