Can You Really Win A Wii As A Carnival Prize?

You're looking at the summer street carnival in my home stomping grounds of Spanish Harlem, New York, as seen from the top of a great big ferris wheel. I've written before about how many here face challenging economic circumstances, but during the summer, the neighbourhood is quite a lovely community, especially when this carnival is in town. It becomes a favourite hangout, people set up outdoor barbecues nearby, and it's warm, fun times.

There's also a thriving gamer community here, as I've said before - as with the informal "subway survey" that Stephen Totilo shared here during his stint as guest editor, I see a lot of PSPs, primarily. Lots of people are interested in the Wii, though - and it isn't any easier to get one here than it is to score one anyplace else. When I got mine, my local game store had exactly one, and sold it at an especially high price.

So imagine my surprise when I found six Wiis in the wilds of Spanish Harlem - as prizes in one of the carnival games.



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