Capcom Keeps RE5 Nice And Gruesome

With the ratings spotlight seeming to sharpen on gory games these days, will we see any sanitation in beloved horror titles, say, Resident Evil 5?

Not to worry, Capcom told MCV:

"We're never going to create a gore-free Resident Evil title to try and get a lower rating as it's a game about the horror experience and gore is part of that," said Rhys Cash, Capcom UK's research and planning manager.

"We're primarily about making great games and if it's appropriate to the title we won't shy away from making a 15+ or 18+ title.

What if Sega president Simon Jeffery's wagging tongue is actually a prophecy foretelling the advent of RE5 to the family-friendly Wii?

"As we've shown with Resident Evil 4 Wii and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles there's still a market for more mature titles even on these formats."

Cash also said Capcom sees no need to "shy away" from adult content, but that he feels the wariness about shock value indicates not a prudishness on the part of the industry, but rather a desire for more complex content instead of gore for its own sake.

Capcom refuses to cut the gore in RE5 [MCV]


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