CD Projekt To Sell 'Good Old Games' DRM-Free

It seems that European publisher-distributor CD Projekt (The Witcher) have come up with a new site where you can buy DRM-free games from the '80s, '90s and early millennium. You know, old games. The site promises good ones, though - it's called Good Old Games, the header image lists the Fallout series, the Freespace series and MDK, among others.

You'll have to wait until September - it's currently in beta- but the site's teaser says it'll sell games for $US 5.99 and $US 9.99, and promises total DRM freedom:

You won't find any intrusive copy protection in our games; we hate draconian DRM schemes just as much as you do, so at you don't just buy the game, you actually own it. Once you download a game, you can install it on any PC and even re-download it whenever you want, as many times as you need, and you can play it without an internet connection.

Whoa, really? Awesome.

[ - Thanks, Brettrick!]


    I'd be interested if they're actually gonna make the multiplayer in some old games that relied on ipx etc work over tcpip... Surely if a game had multiplayer support back in the day, then if they are going to say its Vista compatible they'd have to fix up the multiplayer.

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