Chris Taylor To Deliver GCDC Demigod Keynote

Well isn't Gas Powered Games busy today? They've released a demo for Space Siege, a new battle teaser for their action / RTS Demigod, seen above, and now their very own CEO Chris Taylor has been announced as the August 20th keynote speaker at the GC Developer Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Taylor's keynote is titled "The Struggle for Independence and the Making of Demigod", and will deal with...the struggle for independence and the making of Demigod. "Expect a surreal journey into my bizarre and twisted mind", said Taylor, adding, "Please bring your sense of humour with you".

Taylor will also be appearing with Dr. Michael Capps and David Perry at a "Best Selling Games" panel on Tuesday of the conference, where they will selling games? Hey, at least I gave you a pretty trailer to look at.


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