D3 Publisher's E3 Line Up - Onechanbara And Friends

After announcing that they're bringing the bikini-clad, cowboy hat-wearing, zombie shooting Onechanbara to North America yesterday, does D3 Publisher have any other games featured at E3 that really matter? I suppose it depends on who you ask. Me? I'm excited about Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for Live Arcade, DS, and PC, but I am the puzzly sort. Anime fans might enjoy Naruto: Clash of the Ninja Revolution 2 for the Wii, though I'd say we're all wishing they'd just advance the storyline already and give us some new characters in the states. Same with Path of the Ninja 2 for the DS. Dreamcast to DS port Bangai-O Spirits certainly isn't anything to sneeze at. Ben 10: Alien Force? Shaun the Sheep?

I suppose once you announce a game where a scantily clad woman gets splattered with zombie blood the rest of your line up looks a bit pale by comparison.


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