Daily Mail: Elite RRODs Have Cost Microsoft '£500 Million'

It's coming from the Daily Mail, so make what you will of that, but the British tabloid is claiming that Microsoft is setting aside £500 million - which is just shy of $US 1 billion - to help cover the costs of an increasing number of faulty Xbox 360 Elite units. They'll also apparently be offering a three-year extended warranty for Elite owners. Both the value and warranty are the same as those offered last year, when Microsoft was forced to pay up and extend the warranties for owners of original 360s. The Elites, however, were meant to be improved consoles, nowhere near as susceptible to the red rings of death as their off-white cousins. We'll update when we hear something a little more...official, because really, we find it hard to believe they've sold that many Elites.

£500m bill for Xbox red ring of death [Daily Mail]


    Its funny how any story about the 360 woes will bring up comments about the PS3. No games? I havent stopped playing my PS3 in ages. It has lots of good games. The 360 lineup tends to lean one way (which i am not interested in) and the PS3 lineup is heading in a slightly different direction (which i am interested in). Enjoy your console of choice, enjoy your games and good luck with RROD or any other problems. Also, dont wish the competitor away unless you like paying more for your consoles and games. The death of either console would not be good for consumers.

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