Dark Sector Devs Helping With Bioshock PS3

Digital Extremes, the team behind such mediocre titles as Dark Sector, Pariah and Extreme Pinball, have signed on to help optimise Bioshock for the Playstation 3. To be fair, DE did also produce the fair to middling Unreal Tournament 2003, and they do have a way with death frisbees.

The game is still behind developed by 2K Marin, 2K Boston and 2K Australia, so it's unclear how much impact the inclusion of a fourth cook in the kitchen will actually have on the game.

"When 2K approached us to assist with development on BioShock for the PLAYSTATION 3 system, it was a no-brainer", said James Schmalz, CEO and founder of Digital Extremes. "You really can't ask for a more exciting, technically impressive world to work in than Rapture, and the incredible knowledge and talent between the 2K studios and our team at Digital Extremes is unprecedented. The collaboration on this project will make the PLAYSTATION 3 system sing with Big Daddy goodness and Little Sister 'thank you's'".

Just so they don't top their chorus off with Hayden Tenno emo sucktitude, it'll be fine.


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