Diablo Fans Petition Against Diablo III

After years of hoping, praying, cajoling, and begging for a follow-up, Blizzard has finally announced Diablo III, and fans all over the world cheered before getting down to business - complaining. A petition has gone up at whiner headquarters PetitionOnline, with over 2,000 fans signing on to complain about the game's art direction. Petitioners feel that the graphics we've seen so far depict a world that is far too bright and cartoony for their liking, citing World of Warcraft as one of the influences ruining their dark and macabre series. Where is the light radius? Why are those shoulder pads so huge? Here's an example of something they are complaining about.

Outside scenarios with vivid colours, beautiful forests with colourful vegetation, shinny and beautiful waterfalls where even rainbows take place.

They hate rainbows! They can't draw gothic fan art with rainbows in it!

*sigh* It just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try there's just no pleasing some people.

Renewed artistic direction for Diablo 3 [PetetionOnline.com via WorthPlaying]


    I say the game is looking sweet, and your forgetting diablo 2 is like tenyears old and they probably couldn't make it cool.
    plus they havn't even shown off every area i saw some photos that had some rather unfriendly forest and town.

    Diablo is supposed to feel like hell on earth and not some big gay world of frolicking elves and taurans. I am a Diablo fan and have been for some time and I will be the first to respond that Diablo fans are not fanboy fags. The WoW retards who dress up in ridiculous costumes a parade around like treckies are the fags. Also, anyone who thinks diablo 2 sucks is a fucking moron because it won best game of the year when it came out and despite being a 10 year old game it is still very popular. If you go to battlenet today there are still thousands of people playing it at any given hour of the day.

    I have waited for another diablo for many years now and have felt ignored by blizzard because of all the work into WoW. Now that they finally make d3 they try and appeal to the WoW crowed and the diablo crowed. Well let me break it to them that diablo and WoW fans are very different and it is impossible to please us both because when a real diablo fan plays WoW he/she feels like we are playing a game for kids and when a WoW fan plays a real diablo game they either get scared or become depressed. I got an idea WoW stay the fuck out of our game and I wont petition Blizzard to make the next WoW game scarier and more realistic looking. And do not call me emo because you are the grown man dressing up in a wizard costume.

    @Kyle Jones

    Repeatedly categorising groups of people as 'fags' makes you sound like a spoilt preadolescent who cant get his own way and ruins any credibility you have as a long time player of the Diablo series.

    I actually agree with your belief that Diablo should remain a darker world, aimed at the adult gaming audience.

    World of Warcraft is a game market to a wide audience, hence it's low system requirements, and cartoony nature. This has been a great success to Blizz, who have maintained an active subscriber base of over 10 million for some time now. WoW is also aging, and it's players are ever hungry for further content, trying new games and mmo's as they are released. Blizzard would be insane not to attempt in at least some way to attract that audience to another Blizz title, rather than lose them to a competitors product.

    They are not just making the game for you, or for other Diablo fans, they are making it for their shareholders, and if managed properly, this will be another great success.

    Sure, have your say, but understand that at the end of the day, it's going to be the wider market scope that decides how the game will turn out, and you wont win any friends or influence people with name calling.


    *nods in approval* Well said mate.

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