Dick Smith Games Sale Comes Complete With Fluctuating Discounts

dse_sale.jpgBattlefield 2142 for $10? It sounds crazy, but that’s how much it’s going for in Dick Smith’s massive sale. If this wasn’t reason enough to grab your wallet, pack some sandwiches and head down to your local DSE, the retailer had many other quality titles discounted by 50% or more.

However, according to EcoGamer, DSE has been less than consistent with its pricing:

At the same time as pleasing many bargain hunters I believe Dick Smith has also angered a lot of gamers by not keeping their prices consistent during the sale period. I believe it’s the first time a store has changed prices on their games on a daily basis in several instances. Take Conan for example, it was just $25 at one point but then suddenly jumped to $50 shortly after, and now rests at $70.

A huge swing indeed, but it seems to me someone just got their new and old titles mixed up and simply made a correction… to the chagrin of bargain hunters.

Even with the discount confusion, I’m sure plenty of gamers got their fill of great games at even better prices.

Great bargains or great disaster? [EcoGamer, thanks Fredi]


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