Don't Hate On Doom III, It Made Money

Some people don't like id Software's Doom III, saying, yeah, that game just isn't very good. Company CEO Todd Hollenshead has a message for those people:

I think there are three people on the internet that keep making these posts that Doom III was 'bad'... There's some mass-misperception out there... I get this occasionally — why don't I think Doom III was successful? We sold over three million units! It's the most successful game in id's history.

That that haters! Doom III made money, and money can buy things. So there.

Todd Hollenshead Interview [Kikizo]


    Doom 3 eschewed the standard doom gameplay for shiny graphics that could only diplay limited enemies and mostly tiny rooms. The problem isnt that is is a mediocre doom, it is a mediocre modern modern shooter.

    Doom is about being cornered by a horde of pinky demons and running around dodging muliple enemies. Doom 3 failed to capture the GAMEPLAY that people loved. Serious Sam 1 captured that hectic action better than Doom 3 and actually multiplied it.

    Also, monster closets suck.

    I love Doom III, it's one of the greatest game in the world ;-)

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