Dragon Quest V DS Ships A Million

Dragon Quest is popular stuff! Take the DS Dragon Quest V remake , which went on sale July 17th in Japan. Square Enix announced that the game has shipped over a million copies in Japan. It's interesting to note that Dragon Quest IV also moved a million copies (rather quickly, apparently!) when it went on sale last November. So pencil in all future DQ remakes at a million copies shipped, then!

「ドラゴンクエストV 天空の花嫁」国内出荷本数100万本突破 [IT Media]


    108 - Is it just an urban legend? What I heard ages ago was that a Japanese government department passed on a ruling that DQ games must only be released on a weekend or public holiday to prevent the school/ work skipping incident that occurred in 1989.

    Even it's cool a game has an urban legend!

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