Dress Up (or Photoshop) For Topspin

Just a friendly reminder! We also have our Top Spin contest, which we will extend over the weekend 'cause of the three-day-weekend and wrap up early next week. Above is baconfrenzy's entry; Ben writes, "The attached file is muh entry, no laughs... well, maybe a chuckle". Here's what's going on: Wimbledon is wrapping up, and the US Open is still a few months away, but Top Spin 3 and Kotaku are bringing you the Kotaku Open. We're going to make this simple for you. Don't bother practicing your twist serve or calling up your doubles partner. All you need to do is get yourself in some tennis attire! We don't particularly care how you do it either: Steal your dad's tennis shorts from '72, Photoshop your head onto Federer's body, or maybe, just maybe you're a tennis superstar with a closet full of visors and wristbands. Send in your pictures to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom, readers will vote for their favourite, and the winner gets a free copy of Top Spin 3 (platform of your choice!), courtesy of 2K Sports. Match point!

Top Spin [Official Site]


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