DualShock 3 And Xbox 360 Frankencontrollers

The Xbox 360 DualShock? The PS3 Xbox 360 Controller? Over at Xbox-Scene Forums, moderator RDC has modded an Xbox 360 controller into a PS3 controller, writing: "The D-pad, Select, PS, Start, Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross, L1/R1 and L3/R3 buttons are all wired up right now and working, as are the LEDs for showing which controller it is". So, yes, this Frankencontroller will work with a PS3. And if that wasn't enough, RDC did the same in reverse by modding a DualShock 3 into an Xbox 360 controller. Take a look after the jump.

3PS60 Controller WIP, The Wario of the PS360
Ps360 Controller, Middle of a WIP [xbox scene]


    Just reminded me how fugly the XB360 controller actually is there, the best bits are the coloured buttons which look better on the Dualshock3 imo.

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