E3 Roundup Day 2: Nintendo

Despite the little tingling we had in our tummies after the initial MotionPlus announcement on Monday, it was lucky we didn't go expecting anything special from Nintendo's press conference. Otherwise we would have been really, really disappointed! If you ignored the signs and got your hopes up a little too high, however (or somehow missed the whole thing) you could always pick through these highlights, see if this dark cloud has a silver lining.

Wii Sports 2 Demonstration (With Bonus Pricing Info)
How, Exactly, Does The Wii's MotionPlus Work?
Animal Crossing: City Folk Trailer, Screens, Release Date
Wii Music Impressions
Mario & Zelda Teams Both "Hard At Work" On Wii Games
Nintendo Reveals "Wii Speak" Chat For Wii


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