EA Brings Scrabble To Facebook, Pogo

You now have two more ways to get your online Scrabble fix, as EA and Hasbro have announced the release of Scrabble on Pogo.com with a Facebook app to hit the social networking site later this month. Wait, you say, I'm already enjoying Scrabble via Facebook, Kotaku! No, that's Scrabulous, an unofficial Scrabble clone that Hasbro attempted to have pulled. It's still up.

Regardless you can play the Pogo.com version, should have you have the patience for it. As much as we'd like to impress the Scrabble bot AI with our vocabulary, we're probably going to pass in favour of reading the press release for the third time. It's full of words!


    I think it is ver sad that we cannot play scrabble in Jamaica. It is the perfect game to assist our children with spelling etc. and a good family game. I play scrabble in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper every day. Please reconsider

    I can play scrabble for up to 7 hours-thats the max thus far!!! Having plenty of anti-oxidants of the grape and fine nibbles make for a good over all brain work out.
    Anyone up for a marathon ? cheers Rhoda

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