EA Sports PC Games To Rise From The Dead In 09

Peter Moore killed the PC versions of many of EA Sport's 2008 titles. Killed them dead (other games, like FIFA, live on!). But he didn't do it to hurt them. He did it to heal them, because it's been announced today that stuff like Madden and NBA Live will be back in 2009, and back in a way that presumably doesn't present "very serious business challenges to [them]in the sports category". Moore mentioned during today's EA conference call that the 09 versions would "take advantage of online connectivity in a bigger and more meaningful way", and to "stay tuned" for more information on what that actually means.


    So now that EA have released their sales figures we know why this happened.

    2nd highest earning platform = PC = Peter Moore massive backflip = More shitty ports coming our way.

    Too bad they already killed my enthusiasm for EA sports titles by assuming I'd be happy with PS2 ports masquerading as PC games, I've done just fine without them so they'll have to a damned good job to get my $$$$$$$$$

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