EA Sports Very Sorry For Irish Anthem Screw-Up

While it's calmed down a lot over the past decade, Northern Ireland is still a reasonably sensitive place politically. Not the kind of place you'll be dodging pub bombs anymore, granted, but still not the kind of place you want to make any cultural faux pas, either. So EA Sports understandably regret, and are very sorry, that they included the wrong national anthem for the Northern Irish team in their Euro 2008 football title. See, before each match, the anthems of both teams are played. Being a part of the United Kingdom, Northern Irelands' anthem is, of course, God Save The Queen. EA Sports, however, included The Soldiers Song. National anthem of the Republic of Ireland (or, as most people know it as, just plain old Ireland). As in, the wrong country. Sure, Northern Ireland are hardly a powerhouse on the global stage, but still, if you're going to include their anthem, you can at least get it right.

EA apologises over football anthem blunder [MCV] [Pic=BBC]


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