Ed Boon: We Scrapped Mortal Kombat 8

At last year's Midway Gamers Day, Mortal Kombat co-creator and series overlord Ed Boon talked up the then-unnamed eighth entry in the franchise. Boon described Mortal Kombat 8 at the time as "very dark, serious" and "gritty" take on the series, a back to basics reboot that was free of "vibrant, saturated colours". It was said to be heavily inspired by the look of Gears of War.

Obviously, that didn't quite happen; Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe did. Boon said that the down and dirty MK8 was scrapped when the DC Comics deal solidified.

While MK Vs. DCU was met with mixed results, it wasn't an unexpected by the MK team. Frankly, we were pleasantly surprised by the game — despite our very much looking forward to the team's previous vision — and think that will show when we post our impressions of the Midway fighter later today.


    Mortal Kombat doesn't need a reboot. It simply needs to be booted... out. Forever.

    Who the hell buys these games?

    Certainly not the 2 million + people that bought each of the previous games.

    I realize your comment was posted in 2008, so obviously by now you've seen the new MK. And hopefully you're eating some crow. Or just pretending you didn't say that ...

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