Europe (And India) Getting New PS2 Model

According to India's Economic Times, Sony is planning on launching a new, fourth model of the PS2 in Europe and India later this year (remember, there were two of the original models, one with system link, one without). They're calling it a "higher-end" version, and say it'll be "slimmer, sleeker and more suave". It'll also, apparently, feature "no more external AC adapters", and will be the same price as the existing PS2. If this all sounds familiar, that's because it is, as the console was first announced (and released) in Japan last November. Guess it's time for a global rollout! (Note: those are the Japanese colours, no word yet on whether they'll all be available in Europe/India)

Sony to launch fourth version of PS-2 by Diwali [Economic Times, via VG247]


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