Fallout 3 Getting Exclusive Downloadable Content For Xbox 360 And PC

At Microsoft's 2008 E3 press conference this morning, Bethesda announced that the eagerly anticipated next chapter in the Fallout series will feature extensive downloadable content that is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. No details on what the DLC will entail, but according to Bethesda's Todd Howard it will be "substantial".


    This sellout BS is the beginning of the end. Dont get me wrong I have no problem if a company completely embraces the development and retains exclusivity. But to sell out for 50 million and just shove a big F.U. to your fans because of money is shady at best. Personally not that it will really matter to their money hungry asses but ill be much more weary of any Bethseda releases in the future if I purchase any at all. Did the same with EA till they cleaned up, will do the same with any other sellout crapass company.

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