Fallout 3, Limited Edition, Gone From EB Games Website

Fallout 3, Limited Edition, Gone From EB Games Website

f3_gone.jpgIt looks like most, if not all, traces of the game have been removed from the retailer’s website. Typing “fallout 3” into the provided search box returns no results, and trawling through its online catalogue turns up nada also. Direct links to the product go straight to the home page, though the banner advertising the limited edition exclusive can still be found.

It’s not entirely unexpected, considering Fallout 3 was refused classification earlier this month because of its portrayal of real-world drugs. My guess is EB doesn’t want to take any more orders until it’s sure the game will actually be sold here.

Bethesda and Red Ant continue to remain silent on the issue, as well as their next course of action, but I’m confident they’ll find a way to get the game into the country, be it by appeal, editing or that intercontinental cannon from Secret of Mana.

FYI, GAME still has the title and the preorder bundle up on its site.


  • An employee in GAMES Blacktown told me off when I said this was banned twoish weeks ago. I wonder if he’d say the same now. Just goes to show, dumbass people who shouldn’t be in retail if they know less than the average customer.

  • That’s funny as when walking past an EB games in Geelong today…..they had it on their looping video display (the one they have above the entrance to lure people in with shiny FMV of the opening)and they are still have the posters up saying you can pre order.

  • Why aren’t retailers up in arms about this classification mess? The are losing sales to importing/piracy for any game that is unnecessarily banned or significantly altered. That’s the only way this is going to change – if large companies start pushing for an R rating.

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