Fallout 3: See The Naughty Drugs The OFLC Didn’t Like

f3_morphine.jpgThe quality isn’t that great, and the text is blurry, but it’s good enough to make out the word “Morphine” and the monochromatic image of a syringe. Apparently, the OFLC, going by the classification guidelines, felt this imagery would twist the fragile, innocent minds of gamers. Wait, doesn’t Hugh Laurie pop vicodin like a junkie in House? Surely that’s worse than this? Michael Atkinson better get a move on before season 5 starts!

Not sure about you, but having witnessed this image, I don’t in the slightest feel the need to shoot up. Yet, it’s unlikely we’ll have an R18+ rating by the end of the year (or even 2009), so, Bethesda should just change the name to “Fizzy-Good-Make-Feel-Nice” – to borrow from Bernard Black – and we can pretend it’s Berocca or something.

The full clip after the jump. FYI, the “action” starts at 5:08.
G4 – Hands On: Fallout 3 [G4TV, thanks Parabol]


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