Fallout 3: See The Naughty Drugs The OFLC Didn’t Like

Fallout 3: See The Naughty Drugs The OFLC Didn’t Like
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The quality isn’t that great, and the text is blurry, but it’s good enough to make out the word “Morphine” and the monochromatic image of a syringe. Apparently, the OFLC, going by the classification guidelines, felt this imagery would twist the fragile, innocent minds of gamers. Wait, doesn’t Hugh Laurie pop vicodin like a junkie in House? Surely that’s worse than this? Michael Atkinson better get a move on before season 5 starts!

Not sure about you, but having witnessed this image, I don’t in the slightest feel the need to shoot up. Yet, it’s unlikely we’ll have an R18+ rating by the end of the year (or even 2009), so, Bethesda should just change the name to “Fizzy-Good-Make-Feel-Nice” – to borrow from Bernard Black – and we can pretend it’s Berocca or something.

The full clip after the jump. FYI, the “action” starts at 5:08.
G4 – Hands On: Fallout 3 [G4TV, thanks Parabol]


  • ….sigh. The hypocrisy is astounding. Never mind House – good example, though – what about freaking Bioshock?!?! Where you can purchase a drug from a vending machine, stab it into your arm, then watch icicles burst out painfully through the flesh leaving bleeding gashes all over?

    Oh, right. It’s “science-fiction” so it passes. Give me a break!

  • So THAT’s what a drug syringe looks like! My gods, and all this time I’ve been trying to use a turkey baster. Thank you, Michael Atkinson. You’ve saved my precious physiology.

  • arr my eyes, I have no choice but to take drugs because I’ve seen this!! Atkinson might also think I’m going to hell for listening to rock and or roll.

  • L is for “Lame”.

    Speaking of Bioshock….I think it could be time for a replay.

    Not to veer off topic (sort of), but I found Bioshock a lot more emotionally engaging than all the ’emotional engaging sensationalism’ surrounding the storyline in GTA IV. Still, GTA IV was ‘that special someone’.

  • Considering Fallout 1 & 2, of which I own a staggering 3 copies of each (various boxes), includes every single one of those other drugs, I’m even more appalled.

    Is it really possible that one image of a syringe, directly corresponding with a real-world drug, could ban this game?


    Oh, does anyone else find it amusing that the http://www.prepareforthefuture.com website features an AUS option?

  • I dont think its banned because of the use of drugs, its more so the fact that if you do continued use/abuse of a drug in the game you become addicted to it and will need to take them or else your stats will be affected, but im not saying that the banning is at all justified.

    As i said over on sumea, its a ridiculous concept that they ban a game set in a post apocalyptic world where you kill mutants with junk yard items, simply because users could somehow (?!) confuse the positive effects of drugs for real life.

  • So any word on whether the game will be region locked so we can just import the fancy edition from our favourite online store. Noticed Amazon has an extra special version.

  • Hold up… I’m against cencorship of ANY kind, but this is even more ridiculous than I thought. THIS GAME DEMONSTRATED THE ADDICTIVE PROPERTIES OF DRUGS.

    …And they ban it. Yet Bioshock, Haze, and a million other games with drugs or drug-like items get through with MA15+ or lower. Bioshock is different, but alot of game with drugs or drug like items don’t even demonstrate their negative or addictive effects.

    So, the message the OFLC wants to send is that people should not know that drugs are addictive, and that it’s better to think they give us magical powers?

    This is madness.

  • Involvement in illegal invasions; public funding of superstition; and now Fallout 3 has been banned. I believe it is time to emigrate…

    I recommend all to import this title – whilst this is illegal, it is the very act of civil disobedience which is required to show the inefficacy of a ratings system without a R18+ classification. (I cannot condone torrenting – at least for a “AAA title” such as this: the developers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts).

    Question: how are State Attorney-Generals appointed and how are they removed? This information would be handy as we should call on the sacking of Atkinson.

    PS. Mr Booker – big ups for the “Black Books” quote – a sitcom all should watch.

  • I suppose we can’t get some sort of official comment or debate from the OFLC about why they ban this but not other games like Haze and Bioshock? Logan, I think you need to set up an interview!

  • I find it hilarious that it’s generally fine for uncensored extreme violence to be related to incentives or rewards (just about every single MA15+ game out there) yet clicking on an icon of a syringe isn’t because it’s labeled as morphine and performs it’s duty as it does in real life by killing pain.

    Almost all games reward you for murder in one way or another. Also, in Saints Row you can smoke bongs and drink alcohol yet that wasn’t banned despite rewarding you by making your punches stronger and having you less susceptible to injury. Just because Fallout 3 uses names of real life drugs it gets banned, what a load of bullshit. Hey kids it’s fine for you to get paid for murdering people but HOLY FUCKEN SHIT DONT EVER ASK FOR MORPHINE IF YOU EVER END UP IN HOSPITAL!

    The OFLC is a complete joke.

  • i would be totally disgusted to have that twist my mind when i bring up the inventory inbetween bloodily blowing off peoples limbs.

    jesus christ what a joke.
    If your going to refuse it an M rating refuse it for the goddam dismemberment rather than an inventory screen image of a needle and the word morphine.

    And then fucking release it under the R rating.

    thats how a non laughable system works.

  • This ban is clearly some kind of vendetta based on a personal opinion rather than any serious objective analysis.

    Gentlemen dont torrent hit Ebay hard buy several copies and spread the word, knock these BS laws out like the annoyance and inconvenience laws for WYD.

  • @PurplesFinx = THIS. IS. SPAAARRTTAAA!
    Sorry, I had to.

    Anyway, this is retarded. I’m allowed to watch extreme gore completely uncensored, but if I see the icon of an injection HOLY SHIT IMMA GON LOOSE EVRY TING MAH MUMMA N DADDA TULD MAH ABUT DRGS N SHOOOT SUM HEROIN LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Holy shit, the OFLC is retarded.

  • why is it that games that reward drug use, such as bioshock or haze are allowed, whereas fallout 3 is banned for depicting negative affects of drugs?

    Seems a bit iffy if you ask me.

  • Ah what a shame, this was going to be such a kickass game, too. I’m still surprised – as with most people – as how they let Bioshock through.

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